Mahi – Projects

Our projects typically engage with one of three areas: blended and online learning, learning environments, and emerging technologies. We also design and deliver professional development, training and support for staff with digital tools and learning environments across these three areas.

The Digital Learning Team works predominantly within the Faculty of Education and Social Work. However, we are also available for University-wide and external contract work where the activity contributes to the faculty’s strategic vision.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs, opportunities or challenges in order to develop project ideas – simply contact our team to get the conversation started.

Blended and online learning

We pursue blended and online learning projects in order to improve access to learning for a diverse student population, provide learning in contemporary flexible environments, engage and motivate students through interactivity and collaboration, and build teaching capability, pedagogical agility, and digital literacies amongst staff and students.

We work with teaching staff to develop courses for any level of online or blended delivery – from predominantly face-to-face classes with some online elements, right through to wholly online teaching.

Learning environments

We support experimentation with, and development of, learning and teaching spaces on our campuses. We lead the faculty’s Collaborative Active Learning Spaces (CALS) project to support new pedagogical approaches using technology-enhanced, interactive learning spaces.

We continue to explore the potential for transformative formal and informal learning environments, as well as their relationship to blended learning experiences.

Emerging technologies

We support the faculty to explore emerging educational technologies and platforms. We engage with contemporary research and examples of good practice in order to experiment with, and support lecturers in, the integration of innovative pedagogies and tools into programmes and courses.

We also use this exploratory role as part of our contribution to faculty strategy, direction and planning in areas such as digital pedagogies, digital literacies, learning technologies and learning environments.

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